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Raspberry Pi with Philips PCD8544

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Rpi-hw library supports Philips PCD8544-based LCDs (e.g. Nokia 5110/3310 LCD) from version 0.3, so that you can easily draw texts, shapes, and images.

Philips PCD8544 - Video

All you need to do is instantiate the class display::pcd8544, derived from designer and defined in “rpi-hw/display/pcd8544.hpp”. It can handle multiple image formats and text fonts using Magick++ APIs and FreeType.

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Raspberry Pi with 7-segment display

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A seven-segment display is a display device that can be used to represent digits and, in some cases, decimal point.

7-segment display - Video

Rpi-hw library provides two classes to manage this type of display, display::s7seg and display::m7seg, that are defined respectively in “rpi-hw/display/s7seg.hpp” and “rpi-hw/display/m7seg.hpp”.

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